Valentin Imperial Riviera Maya
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  • Telephone: (+34) 971 032 000
  • Address:Carretera Federal 307 Chetumal-Puerto Juárez km 311,5 77710


Available massages include Asian to Occidental techniques, manipulation of tissues to improve health and well-being by relaxing muscles, relieving tension and improving circulation, and more.

Back Massage 30min

Relieves the pain and reduces fatigue in the back, neck and shoulders, improving circulation in major areas of tension.

Tired Legs Massage 30min

Revitalizing and refreshing massage that helps to relieve the sensation of heaviness, tension and swelling of the legs.

Swedish Massage 50min

Relaxing massage based on soft and firm movements that allows to increase circulation and to diminish muscular tension. Ideal choice if it is your first massage.

Valentin Therapy 60/80min

A perfect combination of Shiatsu, swedish massage, lomi-lomi, pressure points on specific areas of feet, face acupressure and scalp massage. A complete experience of well-being for body and mind.

Aromatherapy Massage 60/80min

Feel the benefits of essential oils that are applied to your spine and the soles of your feet. When combined with a body massage consisting of long, firm movements, you will be guided into a state of total wellness. Choose one of our three options: harmony, relaxation and good mood.

Deep Tissue Massage 60/80min

Hard pressure massage to muscular level and connective tissue. Reduces pain and undoes muscular knots; ideally for sportsmen. It is not recommendable for people with vascular problems, edemas, torn muscles or first massage timers.

Reflexology 50min

Therapy applied in feet and hands that consist on the stimulation of nerves and energetic terminals of the whole body reflected on these areas, helping to the good functioning of the organism.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage 70min

Soft massage with slow and ascending progressive movements which activates the lymph circulation improving the elimination of toxins.

Four Hands Massage 50min

Massage performed by two therapists, whose firm and synchronized movements stimulate the body offering a unique and unforgettable experience.

Pregnancy Massage 50min

Technique with soft and firm movements which provides well-being and relaxation helping to reduce stress and fluid retention. The perfect rest for expectant mothers.

Hot Stone Massage 80min

Relaxing holistic therapy based on the use of special river stones to stimulate the energetic points of the body, balancing the 7 chakras, reduces pain and revitalizes the skin.

Fish Spa Therapy

An experience you cannot miss
Open daily from 9am to 5pm


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