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Body treatments

Body treatments will help you to achieve that perfect, smooth and nourished skin you’ve always dreamed about by using natural products from Sea and Earth. They are specially combined to restore and improve the condition of your skin as well as detoxify and re-hydrate for an all-over body glow.

Tropical Body Scrub. 30min
The exfoliation energizes, activates the blood system and withdraws dead cells leaving the skin with an even texture and soft, ready for a perfect tan.

Nourishing Tropical Body Wrap. 60min
Nourishing and repairing, this delightful treatment counteracts aging, even skin tone and protects the skin by gently polishing it, the application of a yogurt mask and a body balm.

Chocolate Body Wrap. 60min
Moisturizing and antioxidant mask that improves the skin elasticity and pleases the senses promoting a relaxed state of mind thanks to the cocoa benefits. It includes exfoliation.

Sun Care Body Treatment. 50min
Regenerating, healing and calming treatment thanks to the combination of vitamin E and the natural nutrients of the aloe. It helps burned or irritated skin by the effects of sun and sea water exposure.

Relaxing Organic Treatment. 80min
Delicate hydrating treatment for face and body which initiates with an exfoliation, followed by a soft massage with organic oil, finishing with a delightful facial for optimal relaxation.

Detoxifying Treatment. 80min
Thermal action body wrap that stimulates fat lypolisis and eliminates toxins. Benefits: Diuretic, improves skin´s elasticity, stimulates skin´s metabolism, detoxifying, tightening. Ideal for persons under a weight control.

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