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Mystical Wedding Ceremony

Price includes ceremony setup only

The mystical native American wedding is steeped in tradition and can include any adaptations that the wedding couple desire. This is an emotional and profound ceremony that touches the hearts of the wedding couple as well as the invited.

This ceremony may be performed every day of the week with previous confirmation. The wedding couple arrive at the altar and the shaman welcomes them and announces the purpose of the ceremony.

The seashells are sounded, the drum is pounded, and permission is asked of the four corners (east, west, north and south) as well as of the skies, the superior powers, the mother earth and all those who inhabit her and her heart, the center of love. A central point is established and the purpose of the ceremony is given: the spiritual union of the couple.

The godparents of the wedding cover the couple in a cloak that has ribbons of the seven colors of the rainbow which will encircle the wedding couple in their love. The cloak symbolizes the universe and the ribbons are the seven rays of light. During this union, the shaman blesses them with the four elements.

Grains of maize will be offered to mother earth, blessing them with abundance and food. They will be blessed with water, flowers and prayers for their relationship.
Perfumed with the blessing of copal, prayers will be offered for understanding in their relationship.
And finally, they will be blessed with the Spirit of Fire, so that they can receive positive energy and creativity during their union.
These blessings are accompanied by traditional instruments and song.
The couple then delivers their vows to the godparents, parents and close ones who likes to share their wishes and advice (optional). The shaman then takes off the cloak and asks the wedding couple for the rings.
He asks the wedding couple to express between them whatever words they want to say to their partner.
In the presence of the gods and the superior powers, they are declared husband and wife and showered with flower petals. Then an offering of flowers can be given to the sea.
The ceremony lasts approximately 30 to 45 minutes.
The music at the ceremony is comprised of song, seashells, drum and traditional instruments.
It is suggested that the wedding couple to bring the cloak that will cover them during the ceremony so that they can keep it.
A commemorative document of the ceremony is provided.

IMPORTANT: There will be an additional charge for beach location fee, please ask your wedding coordinator
Important: Prices are subject to change without notice

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US $1079.00
Prices may be subject to change.
Valid for 2018

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