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Legal Requirements for a Civil Wedding


BLOOD TEST to determine blood type, HIV, RH factor and Venereal diseases – by law this must be done in Mexico at the Hotel Medical Center, with an additional cost.
WITNESSES you need four (4) witnesses with their picture Passport and their Tourist Card for your wedding. They need to be here at the latest three working days prior to the wedding

If one of you is divorced
DIVORCE CERTIFICATE It is necessary to be divorced at least one year prior to your Civil Ceremony in Mexico. This is a government law and there are absolutely no exceptions here.
Groom divorce If the groom is divorced, no additional documentation is needed.
Bride divorce OPTION 1 - If the BRIDE is divorced (must be for one 1 year before remarrying) and her passport is under her maiden name, no additional documentation is needed. If the bride’s passport is under her ex-husbands last name then she must have her birth certificate.
The birth certificate must also have an Apostille Seal and be translated into Spanish by an official translator here in Mexico. For information on how to obtain the Apostille document please contact the Secretary of State office.
OPTION 2 - The BRIDE can use the passport with her ex-husbands last name.

Important information for the Legal Ceremony
The wedding couple and their witnesses must be in Mexico for at least 3 complete business days (Saturdays, Sundays & Public Mexican Holidays are not included) before the wedding, not counting the arrival date or the wedding date, to meet with the wedding coordinator and submit all the required documents and go over the wedding details.

The legal ceremony will not be performed unless all documents are in order.
Marriage License Apostille (for USA, Canadian and British Citizens) – After the wedding you will receive your Marriage License. In order to make this valid in your country, we will obtain the apostille for the Marriage License as well. The procedure takes 3 to 5 months, as soon as we have it back, you would receive by courier mailing. The apostille services are not including on the wedding package. The Apostille has an extra cost.

Important: Prices are subject to change without notice

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